Chocolate Cupcakes



Calling all chocoholics! I am dedicating this recipe to the most obsessive chocoholic in my life… my mother! All that is needed to brighten her day is a bowl of this chocolate frosting and a large spoon…to be honest the spoon isn’t always necessary! 🙂

When it comes to chocolate cake, the dilemma for me was butter vs. vegetable oil. I tried both when developing this recipe and the clear winner was vegetable oil. It gave the cake a moist and light texture when compared to the butter base sponge. I prefer dark chocolate cake so I use a fair amount of cocoa powder which has a reputation for drying out sponge – another great reason to use oil. I love these cupcakes as they’re so quick to make and bake consistently every time.

Every baker needs a no fail chocolate cupcake recipe!

To view the recipe, click here.

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