I’m Emily and I am a self taught home baker. I like to think my original love of baking came from the creative side of me wanting to produce beautiful bakes… however, the more I think about it, it’s probably more accurate so say that I just love eating cake and believe all things in life could benefit by coming with a side of frosting. Welcome to my blog!

Side of Frosting is the virtual outlet to my love for baking, recipe developing and most importantly taste testing! The recipes I post are all written, tried and tested by me. I will show you the downs as well as the ups if you choose to follow me on my journey to the (not so) perfect bake.

I enjoy editing and perfecting the recipes I have written and hope that by testing recipes in great detail it will make them achievable for people at home. I want everyone to be able to enjoy following my recipes and be proud of the bakes that they produce.

I began this project after not being able to find a cookie recipe that could give me the soft baked texture I so craved, therefore I started experimenting. With that said, my methods are not the only way to achieve these bakes, my ratios and methods are what work well for me. I hope they work for you too!

Happy baking people!

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