Chocolate Chunk Cookies

All hail the chocolate chunk cookie! I love baking cookies and not just because they are the best snack known to mankind… they’re easy, require no decorating; make the house smell amazing; and taste fantastic even before cooking (not that I condone eating raw cookie dough from the bowl!). There are a few rules I … More Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Vanilla Macarons

Welcome to the macaron zone, aka the dark side. Macarons have definitely become a bit of a craze right now… and rightly so! They are the perfect combination of a chewy shell and soft middle, the list of flavours you can create is endless. Here’s the bad news, if you are a macaron addict… they … More Vanilla Macarons

Vanilla Cupcakes

The vanilla cupcake was the second recipe I ever wrote myself. Having tried a few ‘famous’ recipes and never being able to get on board with their methods or quantities, I chose to start from scratch and baked a blind batch without any guidance – thank god cupcakes are forgiving. The brilliant thing about a basic vanilla sponge … More Vanilla Cupcakes