Vanilla Macarons


Welcome to the macaron zone, aka the dark side.

Macarons have definitely become a bit of a craze right now… and rightly so! They are the perfect combination of a chewy shell and soft middle, the list of flavours you can create is endless. Here’s the bad news, if you are a macaron addict… they are irritatingly pricey to buy and exceptionally tricky to make at home.

Fear not! I have found a way! (It took me long enough!)

Don’t get me wrong, they are a bit fussy to make. But once you know the method and have figured out what works best for your cooking environment, you will succeed.

I did a lot of research before attempting to make macarons. It can be the most frustrating thing as every post or recipe says something different. And by no means am I an expert on these French delicacies. But I have figured out a method that works for me every time.

It took me many painful batches/hours/days to perfect them and I was so close to giving up. I don’t think any of my family dared to enter the kitchen area for the weeks that I was attempting/failing – I think they were more relieved than me when I finally ‘cracked it’ (excuse the pun).

So we’re going to do this together, step by step, until we have succeeded. Mixers at the ready people!

To view the recipe, click here.

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