Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Cookie3All hail the chocolate chunk cookie! I love baking cookies and not just because they are the best snack known to mankind… they’re easy, require no decorating; make the house smell amazing; and taste fantastic even before cooking (not that I condone eating raw cookie dough from the bowl!).

There are a few rules I follow when baking cookies:

  • Add cornflour for softness
  • Always, always chill the dough before baking
  • Always include some form of chocolate

Ok maybe the last one isn’t for everybody, but in my household it’s a must!

I understand everyone is different. Some prefer cookies that are hard, soft, crunchy or chewy. I always make mine soft baked (it’s just a preference) so all my recipes will be soft baked. If you’re not in to soft cookies you can still use the recipes, just bake for a little bit longer.

To view the recipe, click here.

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