Sugar Cookies


Sugar Cookies are a great cookie to make because they are simple, fun to decorate, you can make loads from one batch, they have a very quick cooking time and you can bake them in a variety of shapes depending on the season/occasion.

I have included cinnamon in my recipe which is not a traditional ingredient for vanilla sugar cookies, however I just love a touch of cinnamon in a biscuit. If you’re not the biggest cinnamon fan, leave it out and have delicious classic sugar cookies. I have also used almond extract instead of vanilla before which gave the cookies a really great flavour.

When looking at the icing recipe, you will notice I made a thicker icing to outline the cookies with and another icing to fill (flood) the middle – this makes icing sugar cookies much easier and stops the icing from dripping over the side as the thicker icing creates a barrier.

Click here to view the recipe

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