Vanilla Spice Macarons


After discovering the Vanilla Spice Latte at Starbucks a couple of years ago I became a bit obsessed with it. I’m a life long Starbucks addict having worked there throughout university (averaging a Starbucks at least once a day). Nowadays I frequent there a few times a week after work and at weekends (their seasonal drinks get me every time…hook, line and sinker). The Vanilla Spice Latte is always at the top of my order when in season, so it was only natural to incorporate the flavour into my baking repertoire.

I have spoken previously about the challenges of making macarons, however after attempting my Vanilla Macaron recipe let’s assume we’ve mastered the basics.

These macarons are filled with a cinnamon and nutmeg frosting to spice up the simple macaron. I promise you the flavour will not disappoint!  

Let’s bake!

Click here to view the recipe.

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